Infinable Docs

Deploy your App

Once you are ok with the changes you made to your app, you can publish it so that it can be publically available.
Infinable is hosting applications for you so that you don't have to manage infrastructure and deployment yourself.
However if you choose an enterprise plan, you can choose to deploy your applications on your own infrastructure. Infinable will generate all the deployments scripts for your app and deploy all the components on your infrastructure. Contact us if this is what you need.
When you click on "Publish" button (green) in the navigation bar, a dropdown appears with the
Destination selection for the deployment
If you are on the free plan (starter), you can only deploy your application to an Infinable branded domain (e.g. If you choose a premium plan (lite or over), you can choose a custom domain in the settings section and deploy your application to this domain.
After having selected destination and clicked on Publish, you then have to wait for the deployment to be live (it can take a few minutes).