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Get Started

In this Beginner Guide, we will go through the main parts of the Infinable platform by creating a simple application.
When you login to your Infinable account (, you reach the home with 3 different sections:


this is where you can see all the applications and plugins you are working on. If you work in teams, you can change the workspace by clicking on the default selected workspace (personal) and select the space you want to view. You can have both projects in personal and team workspaces.
The Dashboard
When the number of apps and plugins grows, you can organize your projects in folders.


In the "Marketplace" section, you can view apps and plugins built by Infinable team or other members that have been showcased or defined as clonable templates:
The Marketplace
We will release new "clonable" projects regularly to showcase what you can build with Infinable and help you kickstart your project.
You can get more information about the showcase apps and plugins by clicking on "View Project" or "View Plugin":
Project Page for AirBnB Clone
If an application is "clonable", you can create a new duplicate application by clicking on the "Clone" button.


If you need support to build your applications and plugins, you can go to the "Support" section and find all the useful links:
Support Section
For the best editing experience, we highly suggest using, as the browser, the latest Chrome version