Infinable Docs

Create your first App

Let's start the creation of our new app!
When you log in to the Infinable platform, you direcly have access to the dashboard with all the apps you have created.
The Dashboard
We will start by creating a new app from scratch. Click on "Start with a blank app".
You have the choice between multiple starting points to create a new app
Choose a name for your application and choose how you want the url of your app to appear by choosing an "Application ID".
The main informations for your new app
To Preview your app, you will use the following url:
Once you will be confident with the changes applied to your app, you can Deploy your App to make it available to users. After deployment, your app will be available at the following url: You will be able to change this default url later with your custom domain name by upgrading your plan.
Once you have completed the main informations for your app, click on "Create" to quickstart your project.