Infinable Docs

General Questions

How is Infinable different from other websites generator?

With Infinable, one can not only build simple landing pages or blogs, but also web applications with complex logic and functionality. Infinable has been created for entrepreneurs in mind. We worked with them to build the perfect tool create their first MVP without coding skills, put it in the hands of the users and scale it.

I am not an app developer, do I need coding skills?

All you need to know is the problem you want to solve by building your application, you don't need coding skills to use Infinable. Follow our tutorials to get familiar with Infinable and that's all you need!

Can I use a custom domain?

Free applications display a "Built with Infinable" banner. On paid plans, you can white label your app to remove the Infinable branding. You can also customize SEO features, including the description given to search engines.

What if I need for capacity for my app?

Based on your plan, your application comes with a default storage capacity (e.g. 2GB for free plan, 10GB for premium plans) and backend actions capacity (e.g. 100 actions per day for free plan, 1000 actions per day for premium plan). You can increase capacity in the Application Settings > Plan section using the slider. You will see how much additional cost will be charged in your account (personal account for Application Plan and team account for Team Plan).
Will be as excited as you! Infinable is not only useful for quick prototyping, it also enables to manage your application in production. You don’t need to worry about scaling issues, as our infrastructure will scale along with the load of your users.

Can I extend my application with external tools?

Infinable comes with a Registry of Plugins (extensions) that can extend your apps (e.g. use Mailchimp for external emails). You can also build your own public/private plugins.

Is Infinable suitable for a Web Agency?

Web agencies are a perfect fit for Infinable. Infinable will allow you to cover a broader range of customer requests as sometimes the lack of developers in your team can limit the type of projects you can do. You can subscribe to a team plan to centralize all your agency's projects and centralize billing. You can easily transfer ownership for an application you developed for a client or stay as a collaborator for future changes.

Can I become an Infinable Freelance Designer?

Yes of course! We built Infinable for entrepreneurs and freelancers like you to create great applications without coding. You can leverage Infinable to build applications for your own customers. Your clients will love the ability to have a simple hosting and data management within Infinable. You can easily transfer ownership for an application after its creation.