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Welcome to Infinable, the platform that lets you create rich web applications without coding skills

Infinable in a few words

Have you ever been stuck with your product idea because of lack of coding skills, timeline or budget?
At Infinable, we believe that programming is more a logical mindset than outputting lines of code on a text editor. Every human has a potential to solve problems and technology should not stop them.
Infinable is both a visual programming tool and a cloud platform. You can use the platform to build your applications without code and they are automatically hosted and run on the cloud platform. The application editor is accessed through your browser. There is nothing to download, and you can access your application from any device.
Infinable allows you to configure all the blocks required for a web applications:
  • Interfaces
  • Data Model
  • Backend & Application Logic

Who is it for?

  • Designers who don't just want to design and prototype websites and applications but also build them
  • Entrepreneurs and Hobbyists who have an idea of an app and want to create it without code
  • Enterprises who want to quickly create a new MVP and then scale it in production

Get started for free

You can start for free on Infinable to iterate on your applications and then choose a premium plan with additional features like a custom domain, more resources...