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Infinable vs Webflow and Bubble

Learn more about how Infinable is positioned with regards to these well known No Code tools
As Webflow and Bubble, Infinable is a platform to build web applications without coding.
Within the No Code Landscape, Infinable is part of full-stack app builders as it enables to:
  • Create interfaces with a high degree of customization
  • Manage databases with visual data modeling
  • Define application logic through visual programming with workflows (both on the frontend and in backend)
  • Interface with external services through plugins (packaged APIs)
Webflow focuses more on the design part (their first product was a "Visual CSS editor") by proposing a greater degree of freedom than other tools like Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace... That's why it is an awesome tool for building beautiful landing pages for example and it one step ahead in terms of design, animation and responsiveness capabilities. They also propose a CMS (Content Management System) to create/display dynamic content and eCommerce tools but it is more limited on the application logic creation side: they do not offer a complete "backend management system" with notably account management compared to Infinable and Bubble.
As Bubble, Infinable targets more complex applications with a lot of data streams to manage, conditional logic, connexion with external services: we categorize them as Data Rich & Dynamic Applications.
There are two main differentiator between Infinable and Bubble:
  • Interface Creation: Infinable is closer to Webflow and uses a visual abstraction to concepts used in CSS (flexbox, grid layouts, box model, padding, margin...) which allows a greater flexibility in design and to better manage cross platform (responsive rendering on desktop, mobile, tablet screens). Bubble uses drag/drop/resizing functionalities (similar to design tools like Sketch or Figma) that might be easier to manipulate at first but harder to manage when building more complex and responsive data driven interfaces.
Comparison of interface creation in Infinable and Bubble
  • Workflows: workflows are used to define the application logic (e.g. when I click on a button > create a new record in the database > then go to the home page...). In Infinable, application logic is defined with trigger events and actions connected together which is useful notably to handle branching based on condition. Additionally, dynamic properties are managed with a combination of variables, expressions and workflows that allow a deep level of customization. In Bubble, workflows are defined with blocs (events and actions) one after the other.
Comparison of workflow creation in Infinable and Bubble
Both Infinable and Bubble offer plugins to extend applications and everyone can create their own plugin. In Infinable, plugin interface elements are defined with React (same as in tools like Framer).
If we had to consider other no code app builders, we could say that it is comparable with Mendix or Betty Blocks that at are well known for building business apps.