Infinable Docs

What can I do with Infinable?

With Infinable you can create rich web applications without having to code and manage hosting.

What does "Rich Web Applications" mean?

There are lots of app builders available online that allow you to create websites and host them without coding but most of the time it's only for "static sites" that don't use dynamic interactions and focus on simple application logic (e.g. navigation, simple forms handling, ...).
When you want to create "complex" applications like a clone of AirBnB for example, these "static" app builders do not offer the tools you need. For example you might want to handle a complex data model (with places, users, bookings, payments, reviews...), rich interface elements like maps and complex business logic (e.g. when a new booking is created in the database, wait for the approval of the host before charging payment with Stripe...).
Infinable offers these rich tools in a single platform and lets you build a clone of AirBnB for example:
Creating the home page of an AirBnB clone with Infinable
Replicating the data model of AirBnB in Infinable