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What is "No Code"?

Software is ubiquitous and the demand for building web and mobile applications is overwhelming. At the same time, we are facing a developer talent shortage and the need to hire software development talent has become an unfortunate bottleneck inhibiting the growth of small, medium, and large companies around the globe.
The NoCode segment is one of the fastest growing segments of software development and it is becoming increasingly advanced and attractive to enterprises, small businesses and entrepreneurial individuals.

Infinable aims to empower citizen developers

Citizen developers are users who know what it takes to create a public or business application (they know what type of data sources and the business processes they need to build) but who don't necessarily have the skills to build an application with code.
At Infinable, we believe in the rise of citizen development and we have built a visual programming platform that enables non-geeks all over the world to build beautiful and functional web applications without writing a single line of code.

Faster time to market

When it comes to building, deploying and managing an application, you need the quickest path to value. Using no code platform, you can save thousands of lines of code and quickly ship your application to your end users.