Infinable Docs

Account Settings

To edit your account settings, click on your profile picture in navigation and go to "Account Settings".

General Settings

You can edit general information about you in the "General Settings".
You username is used to identify yourself in your public profile page. The url of your public profile page will be:
If you change your email address, we will send a new confirmation link to verify the new address.
You can provide additional information about yourself to enrich your profile page: your location, company, job title, website, short bio and skills.
You can also choose to display a contact me button on your profile. This will enable other Infinable users to contact you without having to share your email address.

Plans & Billing

There are two types of premium plans on Infinable:
  • Plan & Billing per application: this is usually recommended if you are working alone or on a single project and you want to pay for resources only for a given application
  • Plan & Billing per team: this is recommended if you work as a team on multiple applications and plugins and you want to centralize payments and billing
View Pricing FAQ to learn more about how Infinable's pricing works.
In "Plans & Billing" section, you can update your information for billing. You can provide a company name and additional information that will appear on invoices and you can select the payment method for the payments.
Payments for "Plan per application" are done in Application Settings > Plan when you select a plan. Plans can be changed
Payments for "Plan per team" are done when creating a new team.


In "Security" section, you can update your password by specifying your current password and the new password you want to use for your Infinable account.

Danger Zone

In "Danger Zone" section, you can choose to delete your account. This will delete all your personal data and the applications/private plugins in your personal workspace. This action is IRREVERSIBLE.