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Plugin Components

Components allow to create UI elements, workflow trigger and action, and API calls for your plugin. To create a component, you will define input, output, style properties, dependencies and its code.
There are 4 types of components that can be created for a plugin:
You can create Interface elements for your plugin can then be used in the pages of the applications.
Plugin UI elements are defined using the React syntax for rendering the element.

1. General Properties

2. Style properties

You can specify which style properties of the element can be modified by the user.
  • Resizable: if selected, the element size can be resized or not
  • Background: if selected, a background can be defined for the element. It can be a simple color, a color gradient
  • Borders: if selected, borders can be defined for the element.
  • Font Style: if selected, font style can be modified for the element
  • Box Shadow: if selected, box shadows can be defined for the element.
  • Text Shadow: if selected, text shadows can be defined for the element.
Then you can specify default style properties for the element and you will have access to these properties in the element code so that you can define how they are applied to the element.