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Explore Data

When you create a data model for your application, you often want to explore the data that has been generated by the users of your app.
You can access the "Data Explorer" section by clicking on the table icon of a Data Source in the Data Sources List.
Data Exploration of User Data Source - AirBnB Clone
When your data becomes bigger, it is useful to filter it. To add some filters in the explorer, click on "Filter" button near the searchbar. It will show a dropdown with filter configuration form:
Adding filters in Data Exploration view - User Data in AirBnB clone
For example, I might want to filter all the users that live in France. I first need to select the field/column of the data source that I want to use for filtering (here: "Location"), then in the case of Location column, I need a subselection for the column as a Location type of a column has multiple attributes (Country, Country Code, Locality, Address, Latitude, Longitude). I select "Country" and then I need to choose the type of filter. In this case, I want all the users where country is equal to "France" so I select "Equal to" and then type "Paris". If I click on "Apply Filters", I can see that the list of users has been updated showing only the users living in France:
Filtered view of the User Data Source - AirBnB clone
Other filter types are available based on what you want to filter.
You can reset the filters by clicking on "1 Filter" then "Clear Filters".