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Update Page Settings

Once a page is created, you can edit the layout of the page but you can also update the main settings of the page.
You can edit the properties of an existing page by clicking on the page settings icon (sliders) on the left sidebar in the layout editor.
You can edit the name, url and its parameters and the root status.
Edit properties of the page
You can also define SEO (Search Engine Optimization) parameters for the page. They will be used in the search results and for social sharing. You can specify:
  • Title: title of the page
  • Description: a quick description of the page
  • Keywords: a list of tags to define the content of the page
  • Cover image: the cover image that will appear in social sharing
You can choose dynamic values for these SEO parameters if for example the title of the page depends on the content displayed (e.g. Place name on place page for an AirBnB clone). To use dynamic properties instead of static properties, click on "Dynamic" near the input value and use the Data Mapping tool to choose which dynamic property you want to use.