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Configure a custom domain

By default, when you deploy your application, it will be available at the following address: In premium plans, you can choose a custom domain name for your application.
If you have a premium plan, go to Settings > Domain.
You can only bring a domain name that you already own. You can buy domain names for example on GoDaddy, OVH, Google Domains... You will need to add configuration in your domain provider settings to enable your Infinable app to use your domain name.
Domain settings
Provide your domain name (without http or https prefix: e.g. and click on "Next".
Then you need to go to your hosting or domain control panel and go to the DNS settings. Enter the DNS record as specified and then click on the refresh icon to test the configuration. Once it is ok, the status will be "Active" and you will be able to click on the to finalize the configuration.
Configuration of DNS records
Contact us if you encounter issues while configuring a custom domain for your application.