Infinable Docs


Use Infinable workflows to define how the app behaves when users interact with it.
There are two type of interactions:
  • Frontend interactions: they happen on the interface
  • Backend interactions: they happen on the server (e.g. create a new record in the database)
Each workflow is triggered by an event, for example:
  • when the end user clicks on a button
  • when the user logs in to the app
  • every day
  • ...
A workflow is composed of a list of actions that are sequentially triggered (e.g. create a new product in the database, then send an email to someone...).
Each node in the workflow can be configured by double-clicking on it. For each property, you can either choose a STATIC value (a value that doesn't depend on a variable or the output of a previous node) or a DYNAMIC value using the Data Mapping Tool that enables to easily bind to data from a specific node or variable.
To learn more about triggers, view:
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