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Showcase your work

Become a reference in the "No Code" landscape 😀 !
If you want to showcase applications that you have built, you can go to the Application Settings and toggle "Showcased" status at the bottom. This will create a "Public Project Page" for your application:
Public project page for AirBnB clone
You can also choose to transform your application into a clonable template by toggling "Allow other users to clone this project". We will check that your templates works correctly to make sure Infinable users won't be blocked after having cloned your application.
You can create a Portfolio of applications that you have built on Infinable and then share your public profile:
Public profile of Infinable Team
We will make sure you get a great visibility on social networks and among the Infinable community!
You can also contribute to the Infinable community by creating public Plugins to extend the capabilities of the platform and allow to connect a broad range of external services with applications.