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Work as a Team

Infinable offers the ability to work as a team on multiple applications and plugins
Based on your needs, there are different ways to work as a team in Infinable:

Working on a single application

If you just have one application and don't plan to have more in Infinable, then you can choose a premium (Pro or Team) plan for your app and add collaborators to your application.
Adding collaborators to your application

Having shared workspace with your team

If you work on multiple projects and plugins as a team, you don't want to repeat the previous process for all your apps and plugins and you also want to share resources among your apps.
To create a new team, go to the home dashboard and click on "Personal" in the topbar to open the dropdown. Click on "+ New Team".
The first thing to do is to give a name to your team and optionally a description:
Configure team name and description
Then click on "Pick a Plan".
Choosing a plan for your team
A team requires a minimum of two members and additional seats are charged $15 per user/month.
Adding additional seats and payment method
Enter a credit card to process the payment for the first month. You will be able to change the payment method later in the team settings.
Click on "Create Team" to confirm creation. You will be redirected to the dashboard of your team where you can create apps and plugins. You can switch between teams and your personal space by clicking on the dropdown in the topbar.
You can also move applications or plugins in your personal space to a given team. To do that, click on the "Cog" icon of an app or plugin card and "Move to team".